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About Educational Models Corporation & Newmeadow Inc.

The Educational Models Corporation has cooperated with Newmeadow, a non-profit for preschoolers in upstate New York, for the purpose of establishing, assisting, and improving ABA programming for young children with autism.

Since 1997 Newmeadow gathered and charted its discrete trial data manually. With significant growth of the program over the years, software specifically reflective of its Bridges ABA program became crucial. Educational Models responded with Bridges Discrete Trial Software completed in 2013. It is software that provides a fast start and effective follow through for young children with autism.

Below are the president of Educational Models and the executive director of Newmeadow and two board certified behavior analysts, both now Bridges ABA and Bridges Discrete Trial Software experts, who present this program to children with autism every day.

These BCBA’s have thirty years combined experience with Bridges ABA in their school. Take them up on training.

Meet our Team

“The Bridges ABA program was developed at Newmeadow School in Malta (upstate) New York. Established in 1982, Newmeadow has demonstrated extraordinary results using ABA techniques.”
Andrew McKenzie
Executive Director
Thomas Funiciello
Jennifer Yanazzo
M.Ed., NYS Licensed BCBA
Stacey Cornell
M.Ed., NYS Licensed BCBA

We Provide


The most effective ABA programming for children with autism for the greatest change in the least amount of time.

Educational Models Inc:

For ease of ABA program replication are videos, a goals workbook, software, training and support by Board Certified Behavior Analysts with years of experience.

In programming for autism, ABA is making its mark. Bridges ABA and data proves its worth. See Parent to Parent at www.newmeadow.org.

Look at Bridges ABA to start or sustain or simply get new ideas. Software developed for schools, multiple children, different providers, all interconnected.

Our Bridges ABA Program offers a variety of resources which can assist Educators and Parents alike.