Bridges ABA 2015

While a flood of programs exist to confront autism, applied behavior analysis, ABA, has taken the lead nationwide. Thanks to the Educational Models Corporation, Newmeadow’s ABA program, Bridges ABA has been captured in two videos, A School Program for Autism and Teaching Goals in Discrete Trials. The program is also supported by EM’s basic ABA workbook, Goals to Grow the ABA Way and its latest development, Bridges Discrete Trial Software.

The software is easy to learn and simple to use. It is the entire Bridges early learning program at the keyboard. Bridges ABA begins the first moment the child is with the teacher. No time is lost from the first discrete trial to final one. The young child with autism experiences high expectation and consistency and learns to love to learn. Teachers direct. The child connects. Data proves it all.

We are so certain of how special this program is, we invite you to visit. Please come. We are school people and believe everyone touched by a child with autism should see this in action. It is incredible. We are living it.

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