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Bridges ABA was first implemented for children with autism at Newmeadow in Malta, New York in 1996. This program in succeeding years has brought the school great acclaim. It is a program that changes children quickly and permanently. With organization and established protocol incorporated in recently completed Bridges Discrete Trial Software, goal acquisition is fast, and data, the cornerstone of an ABA program, is managed with efficiency.

Filled to its capacity with 60 children with autism each year, many physicians and specialists recommend the school because of its proven record. Bridges ABA is supervised by New York State licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

Look at the two Bridges ABA videos streamed on this website. You will see many young children with autism in different stages of development being taught in discrete trial teaching. You will see one three year old, Sequoia, in Bridges her very first day and then 15 days later in A School Program for Autism. What a change. Then view Teaching Goals in Discrete Trials, a discrete trial teaching video with many different children working with trained staff.

All of the children in both productions have autism. Many now defy the label. See for yourself.

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