Training Videos

Training Videos

In 1997 Educational Models presented its acclaimed four hour video series Bridges for Children with Autism. It was among the first of its kind in the field. Two more recent videos, A School Program for Autism (45 min.) and Teaching Goals in Discrete Trials (75 min.) reflect the quality of the original work. These videos provide tools to start or improve an ABA program for young children with autism.

These videos are available for viewing online. A School Program for Autism is available for $7.99 and Teaching Goals in Discrete Trials is available for $9.99. Videos are available for watching immediately (for 24 hours) after purchasing.

All children in the videos have autism. Teachers and therapists are highly trained in discrete trial teaching and ABA methodology. Newmeadow, the NYS approved preschool where filmed, has 60 children with autism in its population. In addition, it has children with other special needs as well as 30 typical preschoolers. All get an ABA program in the school’s 10 classrooms.

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